Shorts Mtb Pro Division

OwlX Tribe

Ultra-thin breathable stretch mesh fabric

Multidirectional elasticity for the best freedom of movement

Ergonomic construction for a better fit

Flat seams for strength and comfort

Comfort fit with elasticated waist

Can be used for both mountain bikes and road bikes

Quick drying of sweat and high breathability

Our mission is to design and manufacture innovative products that allow the human body to perform the athletic gesture in a more efficient way in full respect of the athlete's health and the surrounding environment. This short has been designed to adapt to the movement required, riding a MTB bike, while ensuring maximum freedom of movement in any situation. The high-density foam padding along the entire central insert provides a high level of protection, while breathability is enhanced by a special high-tech fabric and perforated inserts. The central channel promotes blood circulation in the perineal area, while the soft tissue in contact with the skin reduces friction and irritation. A pad must protect the cyclist even after kilometers and kilometers of pedaling. Durability tests allow us to define how much a given pad is able to be protective over time. With a breathable chamois, the skin is free to breathe and, consequently, remains dry: the feeling of dryness is the characteristic that communicates immediate comfort during the ride. As the interface between the cyclist and the saddle, the pad is continuously stressed during the ride. If a chamois has good elastic memory then it is able to return to its original shape after being stressed, compressed or stressed in other ways. During pedaling, the technical gesture creates energy, which stresses the perineal area. A performing pad protects the cyclist from this energy, absorbing as much of it as possible. The more energy the pad absorbs, the more protective it will be. During the ride, the vibrations coming from the ground are continuous and are transmitted through the bike; it is therefore essential that the pressure on the pelvic bones be reduced. All of our fabrics are designed to boost your performance, whatever your level. All Elastic Interface® products are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. This is the label that defines the most stringent human-ecological requirements, guaranteeing the safety of products in contact with the skin. On a mtb, the cyclist's body is less inclined than on a road bike and, consequently, exerts more pressure on the back of the saddle; moreover, the uneven ground increases the risk of impacts and chafing. For this reason, our MTB Division Pro shorts designed for off-road terrain have special high-density inserts in the ischial area, specially positioned to optimize comfort and performance on all terrains. Not to forget, then, the fast-drying fabrics that can guarantee excellent breathability even on the steepest climbs or the most demanding descents. The BLUESIGN® guarantee of our fabrics testifies to the commitment to the use of clean resources and safe production processes, ensuring that all unsustainable materials are eliminated even before entering the production chain.

Stop at high temperatures

The Elastic Interface® test laboratory presented the question to an expert in the sector, Prof. Antonio Paoli of the University of Padua. “A recent study has shown that the detergents used in home washing machines have a virucidal capacity already at 30 ° C. I therefore recommend washing cycling shorts at 30 ° C. We have found that this temperature is more than enough to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. It was also shown in a study conducted on dirty diapers for babies that the use of mild detergents without bleach allows the elimination of bacteria even at low temperatures. To conclude, washing at high temperatures does not bring any benefit to the cyclist's health and instead causes serious damage to fabrics and foams ”. The world of mountain biking has always been synonymous with exploration and freedom. For this reason we do not want your day on the bike to be ruined by unpleasant pains, but to be made unforgettable thanks to the elasticity of the fabrics and the very high wearability given by the design specifically designed to facilitate the "out of the saddle" movements typical of mtb.

Washing Instructions

Wash the protection before use after purchase. Hand wash or machine wash on delicate program at 30 ° C / 86 ° F. Use non-aggressive neutral detergents. Avoid softeners as they can reduce the lift of foams. Do not combine light colored garments with dark garments when washing. Wash used garments immediately to prevent sweat from altering the fabrics. If possible, avoid drying with dryers or in any case at high temperatures and too long a duration. We have noticed that bad abit exists try to wash sportswear at a higher temperature (eg 80 ° C) than recommended, in the hope of obtaining a better sanitizing action. This belief is not only false but also leads to drastically altering and compromising the durability of the sports garment.

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