OwlX Tribe is a new brand born for the off road and designed for the world of action sports. We dress famous riders competing in national and international motocross and MTB championships.
Our brand is first and foremost a family, we are athletes and talented individuals who share a passion for crazy adventures, adrenaline, fun and style. At OwlX we believe in the power of will and grit that bring us together to make memories, to find new horizons and to grow as a tribe.

OwlX is looking to build a community of fans and athletes to shape the future of extreme sports. We are looking to connect individuals who share our bold vision through events and competitions.

At OwlX Tribe we are always looking for the best designs to help our athletes push themselves to break their limits. Our team takes pride in the passion and dedication we put into our designs. We strive to find new technologies to help athletes fight to overcome their limits on the path to success. We are always improving and pushing our ideas to be innovative and functional, but most importantly to be true to who we are with unique products defined by our love for simplicity and style!